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On Christmas, you may want to select some gifts that very special for your fiancé. But whether or not you have a good size budget, it’s still not easy to find the perfect gift. What you have to do is realize that what he would love. The following gift ideas you can consider to choose for the fiancé on this Christmas.Latest electronicsYou know, all the electronic gadgets will please most men. First you should think about what they have and what they want to have. For example, if he is a photograph enthusiast, buy him professional photographic equipment which would absolutely make him excited. Or if he already has a camera, select some equipment to advance his package, extra lenses, software, and accessories are all available. There’s also many other gadgets you can choose: the new released laptop or mobile phone. He may please all kinds of electronics.Sport itemsIf he is into sport, something that are really great to get for him. Get him a golf club or fishing club membership maybe he always dreams. Or you can buy his favorite sports team seasonal tickets. If you can spare some of your time to enjoy the sports with him, that would be the perfect gift ideas.GarmentsAs a fiancée, you may should familiar with the dressing style of him. In the Christmas season, a piece of new garment that suits his taste may surprise him. Here’s suggestion is Ralph Lauren Polo. Because of this style spans a wide gap whether for business or casual. We all love to look great. For men, he also wants to show his personality in garments. Polo Ralph Lauren is a best choice for that suits his different dressing needs which actually can give your fiancé confidence about himself. In Christmas season, Ralph Lauren Polo men’s hoodies and sweaters are just what exactly you may seek.You can research the internet to find the best place to buy Ralph Lauren Polo; I have bought skirts from internet, which not only get a large amount of discounts, but also in high quality. I would rather be a smart shopper instead of someone only pursue the luxury designer labels.

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Tablet PC is pen-based computer, one that uses pattern-recognition software and facilitates it to accept handwriting as a form of input. It can be regarded as an evolution of the portable PC. It takes the best from a standard laptop, add some other features and encase them in a far smaller device. Thus it makes the idea of replacing the laptop with a powerful, chic gadget a reality.Designed to operate more like a portable writing tablet than the traditional tablet-based computers, tablet PC includes handwriting recognition feature. It has also the ability to retain handwritten words and annotations without turning them into computer text. “Rich digital ink” as this ability is known is stored as a graphic after algorithms smooth out rough edges.A stylus that may contain special electronic circuitry is used in a tablet PC to write on the computer display or on a separate tablet. Initially, these devices were limited to recognising geometric shapes for computer graphics applications and neatly printed alphabetic characters. But now the pattern recognition capability has been improved to the level where cursive input is acceptable, especially in personal digital assistants.However, such input may not always be accurately interpreted by the software. Some software may require the use of a specially modified alphabet to enter data. In this connection, it may be mentioned that the integrated handwriting recognition in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 can recognise print, cursive, or mixed writing. Accuracy can be maintained by configuring the recogniser to expect left-handed writing or right-handed writing.With the installation of a recogniser pack, recognition in a variety of languages can be ensured. The handwriting engine cannot be trained in Windows XP; but the integrated handwriting recognition in Windows Vista is trainable in a variety of ways. It has option for users to correct specific errors in recognition. Vista also offers the option to use personalised handwriting recognition. It can be used to see what words the user emails, or what words they must correct most often.

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No one should ignore safeguarding his or her equipment and materials from being pilfered by people. They may be their own employees, outsiders or even customers. A way to secure is having surveillance over the people by means of a device like the Security DVR. These devices keep a watch on the activities of people inside as well as outside the business premises. People also need to secure their homes. There are suitable gadgets available for securing your home against thefts. However, there are different types of systems that are offered, one will have to look for a device that will be the most suitable for his business or home. Almost all banks, business, manufacturing concerns and other organization make use of these devices besides their use for home security.The DVR system has very huge storage capacity for video recording in a small space due to the latest technology. Several video security cameras will record the sound also. These devices are now more advanced and are available for cheaper prices.The technological changes have made it possible to compress and transmit the video for easy viewing over the internet. It is also possible to avoid the tampering of the videos by using a remarkable feature of water marking in many systems. Such footage can be produced as unquestionable evidence in courts.Usually, the digital video recording systems are of two types. In PC based equipment, the footage can be viewed easily with maximum clarity on a computer. The basic system constitutes a few small cameras that are integrated to the PC with a few accessories and software. This type of devices can be easily upgraded by additional accessories and software for improved video recordings and their viewing. The system is dependable and easy to operate with its user friendly interface. It is provided with a stout processor that helps faster viewing and more capability to handle large data.The digital video recorder that uses a PC offers many advantages. It is possible to upgrade it whenever any advance technology or software is available. Moreover, it has also no limit for the storage using disks, DVDs and other external storage, besides the hard disk of the system. It is possible to change the program without any difficulty and you can view the footage remotely.The second type of the DVR is called a standalone DVR and has no PC integration. The unit is similar in size to a standard VCR but records video onto an internal hard drive. This type of unit is based on the Linux operating system and is quite robust and dependable. As with the PC based unit it has configurable user software and can be easily setup for remote viewing.In the modern times, the technological changes are very fast. Every day, there are new devices with added features. There are many options and features available in home security equipment too. You can opt for an alarm system that will alert on your mobile phone, if some intruder enters your home when no one is there. Many devices use H.264 algorithms, which has extended video compression for recording high quality videos.If you get a better idea about the various types of gadgets and the offered features, you will be able to select the right one at the best price. Be sure that the equipment is carrying a proper warranty and the after sale service is provided by the manufacturers or retailer. Know the risks an options when it comes to securing your home or business.

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I’m a computer geek. And I play with all kinds of gadgets and devices. My recent favorite is iPod Touch. I frequently convert DVD to iPod movies to be watched on the go. This hobby has a long history.A few years ago, I bought my first PDA (made by Toshiba). It’s a great device that you can run Windows Mobile on it. I was shocked to see I can run GPS software and see colorful road maps on this tiny device. It is like the first time I saw Windows 3.0 with color display in a Lab while most of the other computers have plain white and black text screens.However, I soon discovered another everyday use of my PDA: watching movies. I downloaded Pocket DVD Studio software which can convert DVD to Pocket PC movies in one click. But at the time, Pocket PCs were still quite slow and I could not enjoy the high resolution, high quality videos on it.That has changed since the first release of Sony PSP. It has a wide larger screen with hardware accelerated video decoding. I upgraded my software to PSP Movie Creator. If you don’t know how to convert DVD to PSP movies, follow my suggestion and go to find some software. It’s simple.I have always been an apple fan. Since the release of the new iPod Touch, I could not resist my temptation and upgraded my gadget again. That is my ultimate portable movie theatre and the best investment I have ever made. I have more than 10GB DVD movies converted to my iPod Touch. I like the freedom of watching movies, videos any where and any time. How about you? You don’t need to take my words. You can find some guide or tutorial (How to watch a DVD movie on iPod) with videos, pictures and step by step instructions. You can also have a choice of different software. Read this DVD to iPod Video Converter Software Free Review.Following Apple, Microsoft also released Zune on November 19, 2006 with 30GB of capacity. The Zune 4, 8 and 80 were announced on October 2, 2007. Although a little bulky and not as stylish as iPod or Zune if perfect for playing movies because of its large storage capacity. You can find some DVD to Zune Video Converter to rip DVDs and other videos to Zune in one click.

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Where would we be without the intelligence to develop technology? Where will we be with technology? That’s even more the issue when technology morphs into artificial intelligence that rivals our own. We can’t exist without technology; we might not be able to exist with technology. If there was ever a coin with two sides, it’s the technological ‘coin’.EXPONENTIAL INCREASESThere are ways and ways of increasing the amount of something. The usual way is the linear way per unit of time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. The other way is the exponential way, usually a doubling, but it could be a tripling or quadrupling. Let’s stay with exponential doubling per unit of time: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. Or perhaps the exponential sequence of 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, etc. Or perhaps one might start with the sequence 2, 6, 18, 54, 162, etc. There’s also flat-lining which means no real increase at all over time: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, etc.How are these various growth rates related to biological intelligence, our intelligence and artificial intelligence?BIOLOGICAL INTELLIGENCEBiological Intelligence: Over geological time it might be reasonably argued or suggested that biological intelligence has evolved quasi-exponentially if not exponentially. You are today exponentially more intelligent than that first primordial proto-cell or even fully-fledged microbe.However, no individual biological species has ever experienced exponential growth in whatever passes for their IQ, even in extremely long lived species, like the cockroach. I very much doubt that the cockroach in your kitchen is vastly smarter than the cockroach the scampered under the legs of T-Rex. The first dinosaur that could pass as being a T-Rex wasn’t much dumber than the last T-Rex who got a ringside seat to that asteroid, 65 million years ago.Human Intelligence: Modern humans (as defined as that species having been created in God’s image) have only been around some roughly 200,000 years. Our potential intellectual or “I” abilities over those past 200,000 years haven’t increased very much, if at all, and certainly not exponentially. Modern human intelligence has not been able to increase modern human intelligence. There’s been no magic pill you can take; there’s no super-foods for the IQ market; there’s no brain surgery that can rewire your neural network.Artificial intelligence however can increase artificial intelligence once artificial intelligence has been programmed with all of the engineering data it needs to do the basic “new and improved” design work.ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: THE RISE AND RISE OF THE MACHINEIn less than 200 years, seemingly out of the blue, AI has grown exponentially until we find ourselves on the cusp now of The Singularity (no direct relation to the singularity of quantum gravity) where AI will exceed human IQ and then accelerate away from us at a rapid rate of knots ever widening the gap. No doubt AI will morph eventually, probably sooner rather than later, into sentient AI.There’s certainly no question about humanity embracing technologies, always new and improved technologies, to the point that if God somehow were to snap His fingers and delete all technologies from our grasp, it would be a disaster akin to what happened in Exodus. Talking about wandering aimlessly in the wilderness! Technology has become an absolute extension of our biological selves.Everyday examples of embracing technology to the point where technology becomes a voluntary extension of our mind and body are not hard to find. An obvious example is sports – the golf club is an integral extension of the golfer; or the baseball player whose bat, ball and glove are as much a part of him as are his arms, hands and fingers.The teenager playing a video game is totally immersed mind, body and soul in his virtual reality landscape.The woman so engrossed in text messaging she is totally oblivious to anything, anyone and in fact just everything in her surroundings that it’s not uncommon to see her totally ignoring her luncheon companions; bumping into people; stepping in front of a moving bus (I’ve seen that happen) and of course getting removed from the gene pool because she wasn’t paying any attention to her driving. We’ve all seen those ‘funny’ videos of Ms. Text Messaging falling down the stairs or falling into a fountain pool in the Mall all because she was oblivious to her surroundings – not a good survival strategy.Another obvious common example is the driver who just about ‘wears’ his vehicle. The human driver and the vehicle become as one entity – the vehicle responds to the driver and the driver gets this sense of empowerment from the vehicle (often resulting in road rage incidents). That driver/vehicle unity applies equally to the captain of his ship and the military fighter pilot or the tank commander. The ship, the jet aircraft, the armored tank becomes a ‘living’ extension of whoever is in the command seat. Ditto that to the soldier and his assault weapon.We’ve all seen people wearing their headphones and listening to the music stored on their iPods instead of ‘listening’ to all of the music already stored in their wetware – their brain.Then there’s the social phenomena of the ‘next big thing’; the ‘must have’. Your current iPhone works just fine but you MUST immediately buy the next updated model even if you have to stand in a queue for hours, even days. We’ve all read the hype about the next version or model of this gizmo or that gadget. Be the first on your block to own… And so it goes on and on and on.Then there are all those hundreds of quasi-non-addictive gizmos we’re all quasi-addicted to from espresso coffeemakers and dozens of other kitchen ‘must have’ gadgets (even if you never use them you’ve got to have them to keep up with the Smith family next door), to your word processing software, to your HD TV that takes up nearly an entire wall plus your surround-sound home theatre. And where would we be without our digital watches and clocks? Even your rind in comfort lawnmower qualifies. Speaking of comfort technologies, you must have electric heaters and air conditioners and electric blankets and infrared lamps in the bathroom plus a fridge to keep your beer cold and a stove to keep your soup warm.The latest Big Thing in retail is the self-service checkout. Machines calculate your bill and take your credit card details or dish out your change (for those retrograde enough to still pay by cash) without you, the customer, having any need to interact with a staff member in the process.BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!The next Big Thing in retail is being tracked via you smart-phone as you go from store to store with records being made of what you actually look at, handle, or try on. That’s all the better to now target you with personalized ads as you wander the mall and pass by the billboards that usually just feature an advertisement directed at the general population at large. If you’re a woman shopping for shoes you don’t need a general ad featuring the mall’s Food Court. If you’re a male like me you’re more likely to be attracted to a targeted ad featuring the latest sci-fi DVD instead of a general one featuring feminine hats.That’s already a feature of the Internet where you often now get targeted with personalized ads based on your search and browsing histories. And it doesn’t matter what your country of origin or host country (where you actually sit at your PC) is. I’m likely to get a British advertisement when I’m on an Australian website if I previously browsed a British retail website. I’ll get Australian ads on an American website based on what I’ve previously searched for or browsed on Australian websites.In fact your PC, tablet and smart-phone are the perfect spies for spying on you! The whole wide world knows about you, or could if it wanted to, often because you yourself enter personal data about yourself for the whole wide world to see – if they wanted to which more often than not they don’t. Mothers are often misguided into thinking that the entire global population gives a damn about the minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day activities of their little brat(s). Mums are deluded if they really think that.Of course the odds that someone somewhere has read your emails and digested your digital life is rather high, even if you’re little miss nobody. The recent NSA surveillance is but the tip of a very, very large iceberg. People sticky-beak; agencies peek; hackers hack and your data is worth something to someone. The best rule of thumb is that anytime you are on the web or traveling with your smart-phone, always assume that someone is looking over your shoulder. It may not stop Big Brother, but it might help eliminate nasty unplanned surprises.Of course we’re now all used to security cameras on the buses and trains and in taxies and in the airport and on buildings and in the shops and on the street corners and tracking our speeding on the highway and photographing our license plate data for stolen vehicles or maybe we’re in the unpaid speeding fines database. Facial recognition software helps not only identify those responsible for criminal activity but identifying missing personsOkay, all of the above hardly qualifies as artificially intelligent (AI) technologies, apart perhaps from your smart-phone, but wait, there’s more. Let’s fast-forward to the not too distant future.RIGHT OR LEFT AT OAK STREET? MAYBE BOTHThere are two ways that artificially intelligent machines will rule the roost in the near and distant future.RIGHT: The first is the ever continuing merging of biology with technology. A common example from the past is the peg-leg or the hook-hand from pirate lore. A recent and current common example is the use of hearing aids. Vital organs have been replaced in part or in total with artificial replacements and that trend will continue. In the near future nanotechnology will feature micro-robots coursing through our body’s river and [blood] streams to “exterminate, exterminate, exterminate” all those nasty little biological agents that want to make a meal of us. The ultimate of course will be the downloading of our [software] minds into hardware bodies.That has all sorts of ramifications. Once your mind has been downloaded into a hardware (silicon and steel) body, you can always upgrade to the next and newest model. I see the spawning of a robotic fashion industry! The 2050 you wouldn’t be caught dead inside a 2045 robotic model! The other ramification is that you can ‘clone’ yourself (or rather your mind) by downloading your mind as many times into as many robotic hardware forms as you wish. Perhaps one robotic form that’s designed for undersea exploration; one designed for mountain climbing; another that’s small enough that it can explored the most claustrophobic of cave systems. If your mind exists simultaneously in many different robotic bodies, then you have more than just a single self-awareness, simultaneously.That form of ‘cloning’ means you can reproduce without having to dilute your ‘genes’ with the genes of another person. Of course there still would have to be a sperm & egg bank to ensure population growth, if that were deemed by society desirable. It might not be if everybody can reproduce themselves as many times as they wished. But assuming real flesh-and-blood humans were conceived in a test-tube and raised by robots with human minds, sooner or later their time would come too to be downloaded into the robotic model(s) of their choice and cheat their biological death.By now one might be hard pressed to think of the bioengineered and genetically engineered human, with all that tinkering that leads to this downloading of mind into machine, as still being Homo sapiens but perhaps rather as something akin to Homo robotus.LEFT: The second way is the purely artificial intelligence scenario. The software is artificially programmed; the silicon and steel hardware is artificially constructed to house the software. Your PC or tablet or smart-phone is an example. Did I mention exponential growth? Your PC of 2014 has more ‘smarts’ than the PCs that went with the Apollo astronauts to the Moon and your smart-phone has a 1000 times more ‘smarts’ or processing power than the monster vacuum tube processors that took up entire floors in buildings at major universities in 1964.Of course crunch or number-crunching power isn’t the same as intelligence. Computer chess software programs can beat any human on the planet now in chess, but through sheer number crunching ability. However, recall that 60’s sci-fi show Star Trek where the captain and crew talked to their onboard computers. Can you carry on a conversation WITH your smart-pone today (Note: with your smart-phone, not of necessity with a person on the other end of the phone line)? Yes you can!Speaking of the cinema, recall those films Westworld and Futureworld plus those versions of The Stepford Wives. And there’s a lot more ‘entertainment’ in a similar vein to those robotic themed pictures.So wouldn’t it be nice to have an artificially intelligent robotic ‘friend’ who would do all the household chores and shopping you didn’t want to do, who would go away when you wanted to be alone without feeling slighted or insulted, who would share all your interests at your level of understanding (your ‘friend’ wouldn’t be an Einstein unless you were an Einstein too), and who would always see things your way (if you so wished) and never argued.This ‘friend’ would never get tired or ill or otherwise get up on the wrong side of the bed as it were, your ‘friend’ wouldn’t age or ever grow smarter than you, and would always be your best ‘friend’ and give you ‘likes’ and also serve as a guard ‘dog’ for your home.Best of all, your ‘friend’ might also supply sex. One could have sex with a robotic ‘life’ form since an artificially intelligent robot could be constructed to whatever functional appearance was required. Lovemaking with the male or female of your dreams who wouldn’t turn over and go to sleep on you after-the-fact! So that’s another distinct possibility not easily dismissed. A robot could be programmed not only to do what another human might not be willing to do, but be able to do it longer and better. A robotic partner could also be programmed never to have a headache, or be too pooped to puff! And the other advantage is no little bundles will eventually get delivered by the stork!I suppose there could be all manner of types of sexual liaisons between robots programmed in for the visual enjoyment of the flesh-and-blood human as well. Sex and the sex industry could possibly be a driving force behind applications that require or are highly desirable of an artificially intelligent robot, but I digress.And wouldn’t you like a robotic version of your mother-in-law or your horror boss or even The President (POTUS) that you could boss around! Alas, I rather suspect though that actual look-alike copies of actual people might be frowned upon if not declared downright illegal.One more important application immediately comes to mind, the artificially intelligent robotic nurse or bedside companion that can not only monitor but give comfort in a way no automated monitoring equipment can. Their main purpose would also serve as infinitely patient round-the-clock nursing companions for the cry ill, bedridden, elderly and those who are severely mentally handicapped. These 24/7 one-on-one robotic nursemaids could of course summon real human assistance as required. Even the very lonely might welcome a robotic companion quite apart from the applications given earlier.Then there could be robotic ‘pets’ in nursing homes and associated institutions where it might not always be possible to have real animals. We all are aware of the comfort companion animals can provide, and perhaps the robotic versions could have enough AI such that the patients couldn’t tell the difference. Many a lonely person on their death bed would find cuddling a ‘pet’ in their final moments comforting.Quite apart from being a perfect housemate, sex object, torture victim, or nurse, other immediate applications come to mind. There are industrial, military and law enforcement applications of course for robotic beings that can think for themselves. In fact, any dangerous environment is perfect for AI.We currently have relatively unintelligent, therefore human controlled, drones (for military; law enforcement; and other civilian applications), space probes on the Moon and Mars, probes that can explore the innards of sunken ships like RMS Titanic or claustrophobic caves, and in general boldly go where human’s can’t, at least without putting them in harms way.All of these applications would be more efficient if the drones or the probes had some degree of artificial intelligence programs installed so that they could make decisions in real time without consulting or the need to consult their human masters. That’s especially true when the communications lag time is significant, like with those rovers on Mars. But don’t think for a moment that intensive military and industrial R&D into artificial intelligence and relevant applications isn’t currently underway. Robotics and AI are big business.Other, if more trivial applications could include having a smart-fridge that alerts you to when stored products are closing in on their expiry dates, or products you were getting low on or were now used up (and could automatically order more stock for you). Then there’s the smart-toilet that will automatically chemically analyze your waste products for anomalies and automatically alert your GP if any abnormalities were detected. We’ve already got GPS navigation system software installed in our cars that can direct us how to go to where we want to go. Autopilots have been around for quite some time now in aviation, so all we need now is a smart-car that will drive itself and get you to where you want to go and thus remove the need for the ‘nut’ from behind the wheel.THE TURING TESTThe Turing Test basically involves trying to tell the difference in the responses given between biological intelligence and artificial intelligence when you give each the verbal third degree and you can’t see either. If you can’t pick which is which, then the machine becomes the intellectual equal of the human. That hasn’t quite yet happen – yet.Ramifications: If an artificial intelligence passes the Turning Test, doesn’t it then qualify to receive all the rights and benefits and responsibilities that human intelligences receive? I mean things like freedom of speech and the right to worship and a right to citizenship and to vote and to participate in and enjoy all of the other intellectual facets enjoyed by (at least a democratic) society.EXTRATERRESTRIAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEAs far as SETI, the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, is concerned, the ‘biology’ part as in exobiology or astrobiology or the ‘life’ bit as in extraterrestrial life, might be ultimately irrelevant if the accent is on the “I”.So my ultimate question is, if Moore’s Law applies way more to AI than IQ (biological intelligence) and given how quickly AI levels will run away from flat-lined biological intelligence once the graph lines intersect, then the ETI in SETI is vastly more likely to be ET AI. How does searching for ET AI change the general SETI strategy, if it changes it at all, but especially as you might be just as likely to find ET AI between the stars relative to orbiting around the stars?BOLDLY GOINGWe’ve known since the Year Dot that we need a machine if we are to travel into space, to the Moon, the planets, the stars and eventually to the galaxies and beyond – if there is a beyond. So the traditional picture, even in sci-fi, is that the biological intelligence needs to be transported inside a machine traditionally called a spaceship or some variation thereof.Fast forward from the Year Dot to the early 21st Century – what could we accomplish today when it comes to boldly going? We certainly have achieved escape velocity from the Earth (about 11 km/sec), even launched probes that will leave the solar system. So we’ve achieved velocities roughly around the 30 km/sec mark. I pick that figure since the ultimate velocity is 300,000 km/sec – the speed of light. So we can roughly achieve 1/10,000th light speed even today. It takes light about 100,000 years to cross our galaxy. So, it would take us about 1,000,000,000 years (one billion years) to accomplish the same with today’s technology. Actually it would be a bit less since we’re not on the very edge of the galaxy but roughly one-third the way in. We could cross to the remote side of the galaxy in about 0.7 billion years. Extraterrestrials in the centre of our galaxy (the more populated galactic CBD) could reach the outer edges with our current technologies in roughly 0.5 billion years.Now one billion years sounds like an awful long time, even 0.7 billion years is on the lengthy side, even 0.5 billion years isn’t trivial. But even one billion years is but a quarter the age of Planet Earth and there was terrestrial life on Earth one billion years ago. One billion years is only about one-tenth the age of our galaxy. So, even with today’s technology, had we started out a billion years ago, the entire galaxy would now be the explored domain of Homo sapiens! Of course we weren’t around a billion years ago, but other advanced (to our level) extraterrestrial civilizations probably were. As the saying goes, if we can do it in our future, then somebody else has already done it in our past. The odds that we are the first kids on the galactic block as opposed to the new kids on the galactic block are well and truly in favor of the latter.But of course our technologies are getting better and better and faster and faster so maybe in another hundred years or so we can shave that one billion years down to millions.But there’s a slight hiccup in this. We don’t have a lifespan measured in the millions and billions of years. Further, our boldly going gets complicated and more expensive because we (even Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise) need to bring along for the ride toilets, provide artificial gravity, air and water and food and energy to maintain a comfort zone and lots of books (or e-books) and DVDs (or e-films) to keep us entertained. Oops!Now imagine that the machine, the spaceship, IS the intelligence and doesn’t just serve as a shell or a ‘house’ for a separate and apart biological intelligence.Computers have an ‘off’ or a ‘sleep’ switch (no entertainment needed) and don’t require room temperatures and a drink and a feed. They don’t need companions of the opposite (or even the same) sex. They don’t need bathrooms and artificial gravity Energy they need – some nuclear power sources can last for billions of years so that’s that. Problem solved.The one main assumption in all of this is that boldly going isn’t a one-off exercise. In terrestrial history, you don’t have one and only one explorer! The assumption is that there will be lots of probes, lots of explorers, boldly going in lots of directions.But artificial intelligent probes don’t need to colonize the actual planets they find. They would be just as ‘happy’ living in space as long as they had access to an energy source(s) such as nuclear and/or solar.A BOLDLY GOING SCENARIOOnce upon a time in a star system far, far away, there resided a technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization of the flesh-and-blood variety. Because searching for their interstellar neighbors via boldly going interstellar space travel was in the relatively too hard basket – it was not cost effective value for money, time and effort, given how few the needles were in the haystack of a galaxy – they programmed artificial intelligent robotic probes as surrogates to seek out new life forms and new civilizations and thus to boldly go where no artificially intelligent probes had gone before.And so it came to pass that a few billion years ago, one or more of those boldly going artificially intelligent probes noted and logged the existence of the Third Rock from the Sun. Rock #3 was interesting – it had a biosphere, albeit just a microbial one. But the potential was there, so one (or more) of those probes decided to stick around and await developments. They put themselves in a computer ‘sleep’ mode with instructions to awaken say every one hundred million years while their nuclear isotopes provided them with their minimal energy needs.The years flew by (as tends to happen when you sleep your life away) and eventually it came to pass when they woke up that the Cambrian Explosion had happened. All of a sudden the 3rd Rock’s biosphere was multi-cellular and the land was being invaded by plants and animals alike. The probes decided now was the time to phone home and let their flesh-and-blood Masters know that things were afoot in the Sol region and in Sol’s system.And so it came to pass that a few of those stay-at-home flesh-and-blood aliens decided to go see and have a look, but to minimize the difficulties took a leaf out of their boldly going artificially intelligent probes and just downloaded their wetware/software minds into robotic hardware shells and then headed off to the Sol system to see what there was to be seen. Of course they too had a ‘sleep’ switch and so from their perspective arrived on the scene pretty quick-smart.And so it came to pass that millions of years ago these biologically intelligent aliens in hardware bodies entered Sol’s system and made a beeline for that Third Rock outward. By now the terrestrial landscape, the land itself was well and truly colonized and there were these quasi-intelligent species scampering around in the trees. We call them primates.One possibility were these alien minds-in-a-hardware-vat then for reasons best known to themselves started to bioengineer or genetically engineer the best terrestrial raw material provided – those most promising of species, the primates. And so from that root stock, one-by-one there were artificial evolved several dozens of hominid species, each one slighter more intelligent than the previous lot, until they got the desired end product – Homo sapiens. This might explain the vast mental, anatomical and cultural differences between humans and our primate ancestors, as well as the common themes in mythologies that the ‘gods’ created humanity and perhaps for the reasons those mythologies relate.But wait, there’s more! They are still here today (UFOs) and still doing some additional tinkering – genetic fine-tuning – which forms the guts of what has come to pass as the alien abduction scenario.THEORETICAL, OR SHOULD THAT BE THEOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONSI suspect that God will not be amused having the apex of His creation downgraded to Silver Medal status while machines take the Gold, which brings up a theological question – if God created us and then we created the machine and the machine out evolves us does that make us the superior creator?. Another question could be can artificial intelligence have free will and commit sin? Can an artificial intelligence achieve an afterlife (if that even makes any sense since they could be as immortal as makes no odds)? I’m sure interested readers can extend the list many fold.CONCLUSIONIf intelligence can arise from organic chemistry (CHON: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen & Nitrogen), then intelligence can, if not naturally arise then at least be constructed out of inorganic chemistry (silicon, iron and other metals). The key just seems to lie in the ability to conduct, transmit, and store electrical signals. What materials do the conducting, transmitting and storing is of little relevance.

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We all want the latest and greatest electronic gadgets. When a computer manufacturer introduces a new ultra-slim laptop with twice the battery life or a cool new GPS unit that has an extra large screen and multiple advanced features our unit from last year doesn’t have, we tend to look at our old equipment with great disdain and want to rush to the retailer with wallet in hand.The advertiser’s glossy presentations of shinning-new, continuous-upgrade products, coupled with the human emotion of instant gratification fuels a monster inside of us burning with unquenched desire for newer, bigger and better products.If we can simply apply the brakes a bit, rise above the hype and manufacturers programmed-obsolescence inherent of mega consumerism, we will find ourselves embracing prices discounted far beyond those realized within the realm of instant gratification mentality. A good general rule-of-thumb for most consumers looking to minimize the expense of owning the newest electronic toy is simply to wait at least two to three months prior to making the purchase.The truth of the matter is that manufacturers routinely maximize the price of their latest and greatest gadgets on the front end, or when they are first introduced in order to leverage the “new-product” psychology. Manufacturers capitalize on the first two months of “hot” in order to recover the extensive R&D, software design and engineering costs associated with bringing cutting-edge technological advances to market.Besides the savings realized, another advantage to invoking patience prior to laying all of those hard-earned dollars down, is to allow time for the manufacturers to address glitches or other problems that inevitably plague these high-tech wonders. Many times software, firmware or hardware needs to be changed in order to fine-tune these sophisticated products to their intended operation. Inevitably, some degree of problems or operational abnormalities related to the complex software and hardware raise their ugly head on the initial release products. It’s almost always better to wait until these units are extensively tested in the actual hands of the masses.For those accustomed to visiting a few local electronics retailers for the latest gadget, it may be time for these bargain hunters to expand their shopping prowess. The Internet is a vast competitive resource of consumer electronic products. Besides the large brick and mortar retailers with their internet presence there are literally hundreds of other online-only discount retailers. These retailers have the advantage of lower overhead by not having to maintain a public storefront. With only a call center, Web development department and fulfillment warehouse to maintain, these companies are typically able to pass the savings onto the customers.Online, direct product comparisons can be made using numerous comparison websites such as, and At these comparison sites, budget-hungry consumer electronic searchers can input a specific product model or description and obtain a list of companies featuring the product they are searching for including the highly competitive prices listed alongside each item. It’s then normally a simple click or two away from a discounted purchase. Easy comparison shopping can be realized at these sites but they don’t always include all of the potential retailers available for a specific product.The internet also has a plethora of coupon sites and promotional code sites that offer a wealth of discounted deals. Simple Google searches for the model number or product description combined with a word such as “coupon,” “promotion,” or “deal,” will return several pages or bargains from various coupon sites. It may take some time for the average consumer to weed-through all of the potential deals but in the end, the consumer is the winner. Consumers can alternately go to these sites directly and search each one for the best deal, but this is more time consuming. The hard-core bargain hunters out there will actually sign-up for email updates from these sites alerting them to the latest deals for the type of products they are looking for. They may also choose to participate in online forums resident on these sites where determined deal searchers discuss all the latest deals and supply links as to where to find them. These individuals seem to have lots of free time on their hands as this is normally a rather time-consuming process.Another method of saving money on consumer electronics is leveraging internet auction sites. Consumers can often find popular items at a fraction of the price of the same item in retail stores. Car must be taken when utilizing these sites as products are usually obtained from private parties or others doing regular business as an auction site storefront or e-retailer. These sites normally contain a rating system whereby users can find the most reputable sellers with the best fulfillment and quality of product history. Searches should be made for the electronic product desired on one of these auction sites and then compare the various return listings, their price, details and seller rating. Products on these sites may either be used or new. If a searcher is only interested in a new factory product then they should look for listings marked “new” or “new in box” by the seller. Since the time when the bidding gets most intense on these auction sites is within the final few minutes of the auction closure, it’s best to look for auctions that will close in the very early morning hours of 3am or 4am when most shoppers are in bed. This helps to minimize competition and maximize the potential of obtaining the product at the best price.Today’s consumer electronic deals empower the coupon hunter with many options and tools at their disposal. Those with the most patience, insight and creativity garner maximum savings in the challenge to own the latest and most advanced products.

Online Musical Instrument Store – Easy and Convenient Way of Shopping! – Best Software and Gadget

Everyone likes music, there is no doubt in that, but everyone are not fond of the same kind of music, each and every individual have their own taste, as you all know there are different genre in music for example, jazz, pop, classic and so on. And it’s very evident that, for every genre of music, there will be specific musical instrument. Take for example, classic they mainly use flute, piano et al and for jazz and pop they use instruments which are loud that is drums, cornet etc.Playing the musical instrument is an art, everyone won’t have the ability to learn and play music. It’s a wonderful past time for the one who plays and for the one who enjoy listening to it. Lot of them even makes it their source of income. People who know to play or not to play, whether they make their past time or not, whatever it is everyone loves music and there is absolutely no doubt in this. For some it’s a matter of pride also. There are lots of people who buy unique pieces of musical instruments just to impress their visitors.Buying a musical instrument or for that matter anything, is made easy these days. They can buy it online or visit their local instrument store in the city. Purchasing a musical gadget is all easy if you are not that specific about the brand you need and the cost. There are people who don’t mind spending a lot of money for getting a quality product but there are also customers who go in for cheap ones. Mostly the professional musicians prefer quality instruments no matter how costly it is and the beginners go in for cheaper ones.Online musical stores are easily available these days. It is the most easy and convenient way of purchasing. You get all kind of instruments and their accessories in the same place, purchasing online saves time and energy. They even give suggestions on line, regarding the brand selection and suggest instruments according to the customer’s preferences. These on line stores also give you the best possible discounts. But there are certain things that you should watch out in these kinds of stores, see whether it’s from a trust worthy site because even if you face any issues regarding the purchase you can always seek help from the resolution centre. Check whether it is a proper site because there are lots of fake users on line.These stores also provide all the music software present in the market. They also have the best brands available. Some of the happening brands are Yamaha, Sony etcAnother significant aspect that you should be careful is with the payment procedure. If you are purchasing from an authentic website with resolution center, then use the payment options available in the website if not, do not do so.

Innovative Filing System – Secret to Surviving the Paper Jungle Both at Home and Office – Best Software and Gadget

Experts say paper is and will continue to remain the first and best choice for storing 95 percent of the world’s data. Never mind the fax machines, computers, laptops, data chips and other gadgets that have invaded the modern office.However, document management the traditional way, based on the alphabetical system of filing often proves to be time consuming to maintain and your important documents go ‘missing’ just when you need them.The latest professional paper filing system that uses an indexing software on your computer and printed tags has taken document management to the next level.With this paper filing software you can:- locate absolutely any document within five seconds no matter how big your filing cabinet. On an average, people waste at least 12 hours every month just locating a particular document in the office file cabinet.- easily maintain your office’s filing system – no matter how big.- never misplace a document ever again in the future.- allow multiple users to access documents in the office’s file cabinet with ease.- end duplication of documents.Some of the world’s top government agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, religious institutions, professionals in all sectors and individuals are now saving hundreds of hours every year by office management with the new index-based paper filing system.NASA Johnson Space Center, Kinston Police Department, City of Tucson, American Honda Motor Company, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Coca Cola, Cox Communications, Motorola, Shell Oil, Whirlpool Corporation, Lake Washington United Methodist Church, The Church of the Holy Spirit, California Healthcare Association and thousands of other organizations worldwide have switched to the latest professional index-based paper filing system.As individuals too, we need to maintain all kinds of records at home. Instead of just piling up your family’s documents randomly, you can use the indexing system for super-efficient paper filing at home too.Usually, you would require to keep the following documents for each family member:- Source of income-related documents for tax returns- expenditures- family property, investments, assets etc.- identification papers, government documents etc- insurance-related documents for each family memberEven for a small four-member family, important paper filing of documents can get tedious. An index-based paper filing system can take the headache out of the process.The index-based paper filing system has not just hit the market as a new fad. It was actually tried and tested for three years in real time scenarios and then developed for super efficiency in document management and time management!With the index-based paper filing system you do use a regular file cabinet synched with a paper filing software on your computer. In offices, you can use a network-solution of the same program for multiple access and better office management.Instead of alphabets, numbers are used to demarcate files along with keywords given on the basis of individual liking to identify files and documents. All you then have to do is place the documents in the folders assigned by the software on your computer.So, the next time you need to search for a particular document, you simply type in the keywords and the program will show you exactly what the location of that document is.You don’t need to scan your documents. All you do is, place the documents in original in the folder/section allotted by the program.

How to Pick Free Laptop Computers and Other Gadgets During Tough Times – Best Software and Gadget

Technology created many electronic gadgets to simplify people’s lives. But through the years electronic gadgets had evolved. Manufacturers make cooler gadgets as time goes by. As of today many enthusiasts not only buy gadgets to make their lives easier but also to collect them because it’s nice.The global economic crisis greatly affected the electronic gadgets industry. It is a fact that there are many companies from that electronic gadgets industry who have shutdown their operations already; a very clear picture of how the industry has been greatly affected.If you also recently visited an electronic gadget shop you will notice that many of them are having all sorts of promos like free laptop computers, free MP3 players and many others. These are their strategies to lure people to buy since business is really not that good these days.For gadget lovers this will be a good opportunity to buy those dreams gadgets of yours since prices of these commodities are a bit low these days. And to add to that you also have those freebies that you can possibly get; imagine the possibility of getting the free laptop computers or the other cool gadgets.In buying those electronic gadgets you always have to consider several factors. As buyers the number one factor that people will usually consider is price. One of the basis for gadget pricing is hardware; if the gadget is built with sophisticated hardware then expect it to be priced higher. Another basis is features or built-in software applications; if it’s packed with many of those things then tendency is it will be pricey.Before buying an electronic gadget it will be best to determine your needs first. How do you intend to use the gadget? After this question will be answered then you are now ready to hunt for that gadget that fits your needs; and in your quest make sure to stick to what your needs are. Many gadgets offer so many features and you will end up not using many of them.The global economic crisis might be a bad thing but it also opens other opportunities. Stores have a lot of promos which people can avail; free laptop computers and other gadgets are great offers. But then again it will always be good to be an informed buyer; know your needs and stick to it.

Budget Software Reviews of the Best Financial Software – Best Software and Gadget

Budget software reviews save you the time to search, compare, and try to figure out what’s the personal finance software available. With today’s programs you easily learn how to make a budget, reduce your debt and keep track of your personal financial planning. Keeping your finances organized saves you time, improves your financial future and gives you peace of mind.These are what we consider the best personal budgeting programs:Mvelopes – is quite different from its competitors. It incorporates an improved envelope system where you divide your income into “envelopes” assigned for particular bills and expenses. Their website is user-friendly and includes many features to match your personal needs. Their personal finance software allows you to enter all of your bank accounts and keeps track of your net worth.With Mvelopes you can link to thousands of financial institutions making it easier to keep your balances up to date without the need to balance each account. You don’t need to download and install personal finance software, this way you can have access to your personal budgeting from any part of the world. With the money you’ll save each month, Mvelopes will pay for itself in a few weeks. The program includes their famous “Top 10 Tips for Getting out of Debt”.Note: We found out that Mvelopes is more advanced therefore; it will take you a little longer to learn. Their plan has repeating fees based on 2 year, 1 year, and quarterly subscription plans, but you’ll really learn how to make a budget.YNAB – is like a basic “envelope” system and provides plenty of features. With this program you only spend money you already earned instead of money you will earn in the future. This is very useful especially if you don’t have a steady income. Their personal finance software comes with 3 worksheets with instructions and explanations.With this system you’ll know how to make a budget easily in a few minutes. After you install the software, you’ll need to update and review your personal budgeting only a few minutes each week based on their four principles.Note: You Need A Budget is more user-friendly than Mvelopes, however it’s not compatible with Apple (yet). With your purchase you’ll get FREE: 5 spreadsheet bonuses, training support and the “The YNAB Way eBook”. YNAB doesn’t do an automatic upload of your financial transactions and category assignment, and has no bill pay functionality. On the other hand it has a one-time only payment.Quicken Deluxe – here you’ll find a solid personal finance software whether you’re a novice or an experienced user of budget planner software. Manage your investments, savings, and classify your expenses efficiently. If you’re part of a starting family and are trying to save money for a new home, college fund, or other costly items, Quicken Deluxe is perfect for you.”My Savings Plan” is a new upgrade very useful if you have problems setting money aside each month. Their new Bill Minder Gadget (Windows Vista) is a Desktop window to remind you of any overdue bills, and other money transactions. Their system links to more than 5,300 financial institutions, including PayPal.Note: Quicken Deluxe does not offer import/ export for data of investment accounts, and it’s also a more complicated tool than YNAB. However, Quicken Deluxe is a better personal finance software for tracking your net worth and investments.